Our channel in 2023 and the future

We started Wonder About Us in 2023 as a way to document our lives and lifestyle. I’ like to think we’re unusual people and others would like to know what we’re up to and hopefully learn from, or be entertained by, us.

I’m not sure that’s happening, but we’re just getting started. A lot of 2023 was finding our feet and trying to learn how to create content and set ourselves up with skills for the future.

One thing I’d like to change is that we seem to be a little heavy on the cooking content, and, that makes sense. We’re not always out on some great adventure, but we do cook every day.

Now that I know how to make content, and have established a nice format, our plan is to spend 2024 getting into the swing of producing content on a regular basis. The idea being to do one video per week and fill in with shorts and posts on other platforms throughout the week. I would like those videos to follow a weekly release schedule.

  1. Cooking
  2. Travel/adventures in the field
  3. Home projects
  4. Art projects or other creative works
  5. Vlogs

I’d like to thank everyone for supporting us as we grow. Here’s our final video of 2023: